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Tips to Help You When Buying Oysters

There is a reason the raw bar at seafood eateries is cherished by many. Imagine a variety of fresh oysters laid out in a sparkling bed of crushed ice, waiting to get gently separated from their sparkling shells and washed down with a tumbler of champagne. This also makes oysters the ideal party food. However, while everyone loves the plump tasty flesh of a good oyster, nobody desires to be the host who served an awful one. This is why you need to be careful when buying oysters. There are so many oyster sellers, making it tough to determine which oysters to purchase. Due diligence is vital in buying oysters to avoid making a terrible mistake. Here are some points you need to pay attention to when buying oysters.

Know your suppliers. Oysters are highly perishable, the reason you should purchase from a respected supplier. Ask for referrals from the people you trust such as relatives, friends, and workmates so they can inform you about their oyster suppliers. It is also wise to check online reviews so you can inform your choice more. Avoid oyster suppliers who many people talk and comment negatively about since they could sell you bad oysters or sell at more than necessary. On the other hand, reputable oyster suppliers carefully store their products so they don’t go bad, offer excellent customer service, and charge fair rates.

Examine the oysters. When purchasing an oyster, it is vital that you have the purveyor open in front of you prior to buying any. Look at the oysters and if possible, smell them; a fresh oyster ought to be full of clear sea water and have a neutral inorganic smell. If an oyster has a funky, strong, or nasty smell, do not even consider buying it as it could have gone bad.

Never purchase oysters in tanks. The attractiveness of an oyster is in the salt water or what is known as the ‘liquor’. When individuals place them in a tank, they’re washing all of the flavor and brine out of the oyster, and swapping it with tank water that can be unhygienic. Although it makes the oyster live for a longer time, it significantly lowers its quality.

Do not save them for last. The idiom ‘keeping the better for last’ does not apply in this case. Oysters are best consumed within a day in order to be safe. The finest way to keep oysters is in holed pots at zero degrees with a little crushed snow over them. There ought to be appropriate elevation and drainage beneath the perforation for the oysters not to swim in stationary water.

Compare prices. With so many oyster suppliers, you expect the prices of oysters to greatly differ. You should compare the prices of oysters online and offline to get fair deals. However, you need to be sure you are comparing apples with apples in regard to size, quality, and freshness to make the most informed decision. Ensure the suppliers you’re considering have positive comments to ensure no compromises.

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